We are an African company that was formed in Tanzania and now spreads its wings across Africa. We specialize in oxygen and nitrogen gas production and distribution, soil analysis, artificial insemination, fertilizer blending and veterinary services.

Our Mission Statement

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Our Company Culture

We believe that good products can come from Africa and by Africans and therefore focuses our company culture on capacity building for our team for maximum performance and effective production.

Products with high Impact

Impeccable Veterinary Services

Higher Yields after fertilizer blending

Reliable Oxygen wherever you need it

Customer Testimonials

In the four years I have been using LSSL fertilizer balanced nutrient packages I have found my yields have been excellent with tested fertilizers, which quickly provided my plants with needed nitrogen, proteins, trace minerals and released any locked up nutrients that the roots were looking for. The result was very healthy plants, and very healthy maize.

Edmond Matafu

“I have used LSSL fertilizer products for the past 3 years and will continue to use it into the future. We have some fields that have as many as 8 different soil types. You could easily see the different zones in the crops. We added power rich and those differences have become less noticeable every year. Crops are more even and yields have improved dramatically on those fields as well as crop grade.”

Castro Moshi

“My brother and I have been using LSSL fertilizer on every acre we farm since 2004 with great results. We fill up with fertilizer first thing in the morning and don’t have to refill until the next day. The time that we save with the reduced amount of PowerRich fertilizer required in the soil, translates into more time seeding and more money in our pockets.”

Elias Njega